Our Vision

The Future of Programmatic Advertising

What we do

We're building evolutionary software that puts control back in the hands of advertisers and publishers. These companies should be free to navigate the programmatic landscape independently, without the hindrance of middlemen who dictate the rules and drain resource. As we continue to develop and invest in our technology, services, and people, we will make this freedom a reality for everyone.

Our Values

Shared Growth

We’re diverse, and we make the most of it. By trading skills, and seeking the opinions of colleagues who don’t think the way we do, our ideas are more inspired, we find better solutions, and new opportunities open up to us.

Fearless Innovation

To create radical change in our industry, we’ve got to be fast and we’ve got to be fearless; if you never fail, you never learn. By embracing every possibility and failing forward, we push the limits of what’s possible.


Given trust, independence and respect, individuals become a force to be reckoned with. We want to work with these people and spur their growth, so we keep our work home free from micromanagement, and reward those who do things their way.

Your marketing ace up your sleeve

Lift has totally raised my game. I’ve never felt limited here; I can work with bigger opportunities, so my ambitions have widened, and I have a better idea of what I want to achieve in the long-run. I feel like I’m part of something really good, and I’m more driven because of it.
Joel Woodage
Agency Account Director
It’s the mix of people that make Lift special. We’re all really different, we’re all up for a laugh, and it’s an easy environment to learn and grow in. Everyone’s encouraged to try new things without worrying about making mistakes. And there’s always someone there to help you out, or teach you the extra skills you need.
Andrew Cheng
Junior Product Owner
It’s a good thing that there’s no hiding in the corner here, because you never feel like ‘just another number’. I’ve been pushed to improve existing skills, develop new ones, and take charge. It’s an ever-changing company – things are always hands-on – and I’ve learnt ten-times more in a short space of time than I did in a larger, corporate offices.
Maxine Hamilton
Account Manager


Delivering programmatic insights for our clients

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