April 15, 2024

4 Reasons why you should implement Dynamic Creative in your programmatic strategy

Dynamic Creative is changing the way that ads are designed and delivered to prospecting and existing customers.

Essentially it is creative that auto-generates and optimises in real-time using dynamic HTML5 rich media - across all ad formats and all devices for both prospecting and retargeting. Elements such as call-to-actions, messaging, products, images, price-points can all changed to deliver relevant and targeted propositions to customers on a large scale. By marrying dynamic creative with programmatic technology there are several key benefits:

  1. Data-driven personalisation

Informed by data, marketers can reach different audience segments with different messages to achieve different objectives. For example, a recruitment brand has a number of objectives. The brand may have a number of job vacancies to fill across the country, so being able to serve relevant roles to the right people based on their location would be incredibly cost efficient and targeted. Another objective may be to promote the work culture of a company to prospective employees, here dynamic creative can be used to show messaging that resonated most with the prospect. This could be things like benefits package or corporate social responsibility.

  1. Increased ROI

With customised ads that are optimised per impression based on performance, CPM can decrease up to 50%, with CTRs increasing by up to 85%. (CPXi/Ad ready 2013).

  1. Rapidly scale your creative

Consumers aren’t sat chained to their desk, they are on the move and consume media at all times. Dynamic Creative enables marketers to increase customer reach and relevancy in today’s multi-screen world, with HTML5 rich media across all ad formats, to target audiences across all channels. Impactful creative can be more effective in resonating with the consumer and with DCO, the advertiser can include some really sophisticated features made on the fly, from search boxes, product carousels, price comparisons and drop-down menus. By creating a personalised microsite within a banner, you are speeding up the customer purchase journey and creating an improved experience for the user.

  1. Save time & money

Creative development can cause campaign costs to skyrocket, leading to lower returns. DCO frees advertisers from traditional creative costs and limitations, replacing flash technology and other expensive production methods.

Dynamic Creative use cases extend from driving traffic, conversions and increasing ROI and retention, working across the purchase funnel and aligning to brand objectives. Read more on programmatic creative from account specialist, Terhi Vesterinen, on how to Deliver Engaging Content in 6 Steps.

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