April 21, 2024

Harnessing the power of data across channels

With access to a lot of data comes huge amounts of opportunity.

A clear method of tracking user data means you can contribute insight back to the rest of your team to accelerate strategies owned by other channels. In this blog post we explore how you feed this information into those channels to achieve a better return on investment and ultimately gather additional useful data.

In this instance we’ll look at programmatic advertising as a prime example. When you use the full range of data at your disposal you get a holistic view of your customer’s omni-channel behaviours – this provides valuable learning to help put actions in place throughout your advertising strategy.


Using first party data, a dream audience can be targeted using attributes from best-performing segments. These are called lookalike segments and targeting them will make programmatic advertising significantly more impactful. You know what journeys your most profitable customers take, what content is most valuable to them, and what type of communication helps them convert. These are the customers who are driving revenue to your business.

In order to maximise your programmatic ROI, you need to specifically target more users like these. Examine a segment that you know serves your business objectives well. Perhaps they convert with ease, they spend a significant amount of money, happily part with their personal details or drill down into all of your pages. Using this valuable information, you can calculate the potential worth of a user and decide how much investment they need to convert.


For all avenues of marketing it’s important to be there for each potential customer at a time and place that matters to them. Utilising insights drawn from first party data means you can connect with users no matter where they are in their online journey. Using look-a-likes as a tool within your programmatic marketing not only means the right customer is targeted, but every impression reaches the right customer at the right time, regardless of device - ensuring seamless and relevant experiences.

Creating a true consistency of experience is a marketing utopia that leads to greater customer lifetime value and repeat purchase. While users are parting with more of their personal data than ever, it does mean customers have high expectations for the experiences a brand delivers. Using the data at your disposal to advertise with the right content generates that elusive trust and loyalty.


Fostering this trust helps break down a lot of barriers between an organisation and its potential customers. Here we’re referring to one of the most common issues in programmatic marketing – ad blockers. With over 22% of adults online using ad blocking software, it is more important than even that organisations inspire rather than annoy with targeted advertising. The same research indicated that consumers are less likely to use ad blocking software if the adverts communicated to them are relevant and useful. Using the first party data collected from your customer to inform your programmatic marketing can therefore help you get in front of more of those valuable look-alikes.


Marketing as a whole is about being there for your customers at the right place and the right time. Being removed from the insights derived from your segments will only result in a disconnect throughout your other channels. Ignoring your current customer insights when investing in various sales channels will ultimately lead to disappointed customers.

To make the most out of your programmatic strategy you need access to the right level of high-quality customer data, and the capabilities to analyse, understand and action it. Delivering data-driven, exceptional customer experience is at the heart of what we do at Intilery. If you need help in harnessing your data to drive high-performing and well-targeting programmatic marketing campaigns, contact us.


Intilery create and deliver the most agile, performance-driven customer engagement technology in the market. The Intilery platform is a powerful, versatile marketing tool used by clients who place customer experience at the core of their growth strategy.  The combination of innovative software and supporting consultancy helps clients find answers to complex marketing questions surrounding customers’ behaviour, needs and wants. Using Intilery, clients can understand, analyse and action insight across marketing channels in real-time supporting increased ROI across all channels.

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