April 30, 2024

Not using programmatic? Here’s why you should be

In a nutshell, programmatic advertising enables you to deliver online advertising with greater efficiency and more precise targeting, to a wider audience.

Two key areas that as a marketer you will want to be winning at are:

  1. Building your brand

Programmatic advertising is a highly effective way of running brand awareness campaigns to your target audiences online. Quickly create relevant messages through online display that resonate with your customers and get your brand seen and spoken about.

  1. Driving sales revenue

Programmatic is an effective channel for driving interest in your solutions from relevant customers. Build highly targeted campaigns that meet your marketing objectives, as well as running retargeting campaigns to site visitors who haven't yet converted.


Firstly, ask yourself what are your marketing goals, what have you been tasked to achieve? Is it to grow your customer loyalty programme or are you launching a new product range aimed at a specific demographic which you need to reach? For an effective programmatic strategy, ensuring your KPIs are agreed upon is the first step and this goes hand in hand with understanding what the results should look like. Once you have decided what this should look like you will be able to track success.


As a marketer you are most likely, first and foremost tasked with acquiring new customers and increasing traffic to site. Then, it will be converting the traffic and retaining existing customers. Programmatic targeting feeds into and supports both of these objectives. Drive awareness campaigns through lookalike targeting, harnessing your first party data and using third party data to expand your reach. You piqued consumer interest, now move down the funnel and drive them to your site through contextual targeting, reaching users on the most relevant sites with enticing messaging. They’ve browsed your website but not purchased, give them something they can’t refuse, send them a prompt with their recently viewed purchase or draw them in with your latest promotion. They’ve bought, now retain them. Retarget them with items they might like, or use this information to reach them across your other marketing channels like email for instance. Perhaps they would be interested in your loyalty or rewards programme? Programmatic enables marketers to be personalised, targeted and most of all relevant at every stage of the customer journey. Programmatic works best when integrated with other marketing channels, to achieve a 360 degree view of the customer.

"Programmatic is here to stay... It’s no longer a question of whether an advertiser should be using programmatic but a question of how they should be using programmatic." Forrester Research.

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