September 4, 2018

We’re on the G-Cloud Framework Digital Marketplace!

We have been approved to supply the UK public sector with cloud hosting and cloud support services under G-Cloud 10.

If you’ve never heard of G-Cloud 10, you will probably be wondering what this means, and why we’re excited by it! To help, we’ve put some typical FAQs below along with some background info.

What is G-Cloud 10?

The G-Cloud Framework is part of the Digital Marketplace – a UK government procurement initiative to create commercial agreements between public sector organisations with specially selected suppliers, all of whom must meet stringent standards of high quality, credibility and experience. G-Cloud is dedicated to providing access to providers of cloud-based services and is renewed annually. This is its tenth iteration.

What exactly will we provide?

We will provide media ad buying services through our transparent Programmatic Marketing Platform. Our service gives organisations access to a unified yet flexible marketing stack with all the tools in one UI at one cost. You have everything from DSP and Smart Audience Management capabilities to seamless drag and drop creative management. Our elegant & powerful platform snaps together around your business at a fraction of the market rate cost.

What does inclusion on the Framework require?

To be included as an approved supplier under the Cloud software category, providers needed to evidence innovation and reliability in their cloud platform and infrastructure services, alongside industry accreditations such as ISO 270001. Evidence of a strong track record of excellent delivery is also required.

What does it mean for Admedo?

Commercially, it is very important. According to the government’s own figures, approximately £600m of public sector spending could go through G-Cloud 10. Being selected as one of the suppliers eligible to serve the public sector recognises the applicability of our platform to their specific marketing needs. Admedo's customer-centric approach makes it ideally suited for public sector organisations that are looking for a robust and cost-efficient programmatic solution.

To find out more about how Admedo can support your marketing strategy in the public sector, book a demo today or call us on +44 (0)20 3603 8610.

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